The Spirit Animal Oracle

Hello. Today I would like to introduce you to my oracle. Ask them about the energy of today and how best to use it. All my felted magic creatures gave me a very special message for you. Just take three deep breaths, focus on your heart and keep clicking.

This is a unique oracle. I myself have questioned (channeled) my power animals. Every species of animal that came by to felt felt had something to tell. This oracle is completely independent of any other oracle or tarot card system. There are 36 animal species so far, and with each new species felted, the oracle is also expanded.

In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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