Introduction of some Dragons

Ulrich, the Cheerleader Dragon

Ulrich was born in the year, when I published my first book in German. He was so enthusiastic with me and all my ideas, I loved it so much! Now he is gone, Years later, he wanted me to take the stripes away to make him a normal dragon and he was right: Soon after he was sold and left me with his new friend.

Arthur, my first Creator Dragon

Arthur helped me to understand more about dragons and the dragon path. He was created as my assitant to write about dragons. Since then he guides me further, step by step.

The Television Star

This dragon made his way into a television interview. He liked it very much. He is one of my biggest dragons.

A Dragon called Liberty

This dragon was created together with Arthur. He wanted to stand like the Liberty Statue of New York. He reminds me that humankind must wake up its inner creator dragon to get free. We are all co-creators!

The pattern of the skin

With this dragon I have tested how to make scales a different way. I did the photos before he got his wings.

The traveler

This dragon was the first to travel over Sea. He is now sitting in the USA with a nice man.

The toddler dragon

What a sunny boy, this dragon! Already awaken he just is fine with everything.

A very special dragon lady

This dragon was created for a young pretty woman who had to go on working side by side with her love, that rejected her. She put the dragon on her desk and felt strong and beautiful again.

Rose, a cute teenager dragon

She did not stay long with me. A woman from switzerland fell in love with her and baught her.

A teddy, two dragons, two tigers and an unicorn

In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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