Book launching in progress

My first book in English is nearly ready for launching.  (I used Word in English, google translater and my new deepl account). I am so excited!


With my fiverr team I am looking for the right cover and the right campaign on pinterest and amazon. Today I tried out some ideas for pinterest. My presence there is pretty new, but it seemed to be the right social platform because I can show all my felted buddies mainly visually. And it is also a search engine like google. Facebook only distracted me, too many functions, no resonance to adds - so I left Facebook last year.


This time I wanted to do better: I studied amazon marketing since five months (many You Tube Tutorials, then I bought helium 10 and did the Freedom Ticket series there). So much to learn! So many actions to do. I spent 6 weeks only for the right title and the description of the book. Then I had to change some of the content accordingly. All that effort brought me to the best title I can imagine ( and a rearrangement of all my anecdotes to three very different books - different compared to my German books). Look at this: I proudly present...

The Magic of Felting Dragons

Awakening to my true self with needles, wool and quantum light

It will be the first book of a series... this is the series brand logo.

Subtitle on the back:

The amazing paranormal adventures with felted animals

while rediscovering the ancient Dragon Path the female artist's way.

Next I searched for a cover designer on fiverr. I ordered six different designs only to come back to the first one my layouter suggested. This was an intense process of meditating, following my impulses and decisions, and asking for help and feedback. First I also tried different designers for illustrations, but I was not satisfied or we did not communicate well or the energy just was not right. In the end I decided: No illustrations. There are so many pictures out there of all my Lightfelts. Yes, I also decided on the English name of my felted creatures: Lightfelts.

And I love my own aquarell paintings most. The fiverr designers were not able to catch the energy. That was, what I learned. I promise you: I will put my fine painted ink illustrations into the remake edition, as soon as I surpass the the one million sales mark.

Thinking about the Launching Campaign...

I tried some pin designs for pinterest on my tailwind free account (more were not allowed, but I was so inspired to do more. ;-))) What do you like more?

Enough for today. I'll get out into the melting snowy wether after a period of sunny warm days. To connect with nature and welcome the first new sprouds and creatures after the winter. All which dare to come out even if winter is not over so far.

I would love to entertain and inspire you with my memoirs for a souvereign healthy fulfilled life. Set your highest potential in action and use your creativity as a communication- and awakening tool. Be your true self now!


Read how I progressed and what mistakes I made on my way into mastery. Stay tuned and have fun!



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In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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