Dragon whispering

My first dragon: Oh my god! What a challenge!

My first dragon literally sat in my neck. It was a surprise. I was felting only since weeks and had so much fun with felting other animals and I did not feel ready to create a dragon. To much details, just too much in everything. As a newbe that even was not in my mind. Later, maybe. But not as a felter with two months experience. "What? Me?" Was then also the reaction, when I heard a voice behind me saying with the hypnotic tone of the snake Ka in " jungle book" talking to Mogli: "You should attend this seminar about dragons if you want to felt dragons!"

"But I am not able to felt a dragon. You see: It is just not possible." I did not question, that there was a voice in my head. It happened too quickly.  And the voice went on: "Felt me and I will provide you with the seminar!" 

Now I had not only to deal with a second voice in my head that in itself should be a bothering thing, but also with an invisible visitor who seemed to be a dragon. In the end it turned out it was a dragon lady. And I got the seminar.  In the next two years I felted some other dragons, but none was as pretty as this one. And as magical and powerful. It needed the split with my teacher, to whom this first dragon wanted to come, until I created my first own dragon that stayed with me: Guilio. But that is another story.

Follow my adventurous paranormal journey in my book to come where voices in my head were the least of my problems. My Lightfelts - as I soon named my felted creations - caused one challenge after another. I had to question and recalibrate all my concepts of reality. Well, like everyone who wakes up and realizes the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.

In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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