Finally: My own dragon buddy

After two years of felting dragons for others

I had just broken up with my spiritual teacher, who was so enthusiastic about my dragons (and her own dragon) that she was always happy to chat with her seminar participants during breaks about the latest crazy stories about them. Because in the meantime many of my favorites had already went into the world and there also provided entertaining anecdotes for others. Things just got crazier. And the fans too.
But then came the break with my teacher, an argument about my and her rights. Actually banal, but I realized that I had learned everything from her and should finally go. And become independent. And so I sat down and created my first own dragon. I needed two months, he got so detailed and pretty, I loved him the most. He comforted me when I felt alone while I started my new life without my teacher. Later he wrote a whole book with me. It ist named after what he once told me confidentially: that he likes to eat pizza. As I told, it just got crazier.

He is still with me and loves when people come into the studio and admire him. And when they ask about his price, I go inside and he tells me things like: "Say more than 1000." In another day he said "1500 Euro".  I guess he always chooses a price that he can stay with me. But I am shure, if I needed money urgently and nothing else can provide, he will jump in and say: "Sell me for..... This person can afford it and we will have a lot fun together." But for now I enjoy being with him. My dragon studio is so powerful by the presence of all my big dragons. Visitors can feel that. And they have fun and merry and happy feelings, and then buy an animal for 20 Euros. Tht is fine with me, too. I love making people happy.

In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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