I proudly present my dragon book

 The first book of

The amazing paranormal adventures with felted animals while rediscovering

the ancient Dragon Path to Mastery the female artist's way.

The Magic of Felting Dragons

Awakening to my True Self

with Needles, Wool and Quantum Light

 It is mainly a memoir.


And the complete series evolves with the contradiction between all these funny playful cuddly toys (felted dragons and other animals) and the paranormal events happening around them (magic) while going through a transformation in personality and lifestyle (self-help, the way of the artist).


Over time the clarity of mastery appeared (female dragon path to mastery) which the author is rediscovering in the series.

Description on amazon

 Creativity is big magic. When you felt, you take wool and intention and transform it into something else. Sometimes even the colors become brighter. It’s an alchemistic process you cannot reverse. The same goes with dragons: When your inner dragon awakens it sparks magic in you. You cannot go back to old normal. Suddenly, creative energy flows in a stronger current and impacts your whole life. Dragon power accelerates your journey of awakening.


This is the autobiographical story of a spiritual woman who followed her guidance and found her true authentic self and dragons. In the beginning she had not the faintest idea about dragons, and so her fate enrolled. Follow the author on her imperfect experiments on needle felting from her first tries to eventually become a sovereign co-creator, not in this book, but eventually in the end.


In the first book of the series the author just stumbles over her highest potential when a dragon enters her life and insists to be felted. In the following challenge the author uses her talent of needle felting to unknowingly unplug from the matrix. She learns to better understand what happens in her relationships and why she often feels chaotic, sick, and heavy. She does some research about the magic of her felted spirit animals, and why she can’t stop felting, and often feels so much driven. And where does the inspiration come from to just create a specific animal?


Life becomes complicated before it gets easy again. Finally, she finds her life purpose.


This book intends to entertain and inspire you for a quantum leap in your own felting or in any other artistic endeavor. It does not matter, if you are baking, painting, sewing, or only imagining or perceiving them: if dragons show up, you are on a magical journey to your authentic self. Follow the story and recap your own felting experiences.


Just the beginning, more adventures to come. The author will share her secrets step by step, so stay tuned.


Book launching is done


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