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Awareness, Ascention and Conscious Co-Creating

I spend the summer in retreat to update all my books and write a new book. I can only be reached by email. Online meetings take place at any time by appointment. Appointments and sales can still be arranged via email, I will then contact you by phone, skype or Zoom for more information.

I wish you a healthy and relaxing summer!

Welcome to my English website!


I am a felt artist, author and BQH Practitioner and a teacher of the Dragon Path to Ascention.


I am dedicated to empower you to have a safe journey through difficult times. Access your highest potential, integrate your shadow and reclaim your mastery as co-creator!





About me

I am a felt artist (dragons and other animals), author (autobiographical anecdotes and fictional dragon talks about awareness and conscious creating in German) and a coach with focus on Beyond Quantum Healing. All my previous coaching styles do easily complement this universal, comprehensive and multidimensional hypnotic coachings as add-ons.

After the Must-Jobs of my life (as a secondary and special school teacher) I arrived recently in the freestyle (as a pensioner = doing what I enjoy).

I prefer to engage in human awakening to our full potential and in the upgrade of mankind to the Homo Creativus Pax*. I am having a lot of fun felting, teaching, photography, writing and storytelling. I like to support, inspire, entertain, inform, educate and advise. And I am passionate about my new sessions "Beyond Quantum Healing" because they encompass everything that a person could seek help for and go far beyond everything that other methods offer.

* Definition of a Homo Creativus Pax: A person who, as a conscious co-creator, easily keeps the energies balanced, protects and promotes the living library earth and lives in peace with himself and with everything that is. It is growing out of "normal" humans around the globe through a self-induced change (mutation). These individuals decide to learn and transmute and progress to the highest potential, the highest energy levels and the highest progression rate.

The ascended Masters

have offered me to follow their dragon path and to pass it on to other seekers. So I first became their student, then their master student, and now I am a master myself, who continues to practice being a master.


And who now teaches the dragon path myself, whereby my specialties are mental training, increasing vibrations, stimulating awareness and strengthening the inner connection through cuddle art. However, I am above all a master of the final change (transformation) of the 12th ray, which according to the teachings of Claire Avalon (El Morya) is also held by Sanat Kumara.

Only later did I find out that "my dragon path" has long been known to mankind and has a very long tradition, especially in the East. The teachers of the Dragon Path are also called "Ascended Masters" because they want to emancipate you too from your limited reality (ascent to an expanded consciousness) and support you in activating your highest potential and living mastery.

Are you ready to wake up your inner dragon which is sleeping in your shadow?

Are you interested in having a powerful energized dragon companion out of felt?

my relationship with dragons

I am interested in everything about dragons, including myths worldwide. I'm not interested in the modern versions in art, song and film, because I want to keep my own creation clear and pure. Too many different intentions and twists from different directions used dragons for their own manipulative purposes in recent times.

Some modern people think of dragons only as symbolic representations of natural forces or for fantasy creatures or see them as real creatures in other realities. Still others - and I belong to them - consider the mythsto be an echo of real experiences of our ancestors with aliens such as the Anunaki of the Sumerians (Anunaki = those who came from the heavens).

Only when I interviewed my dragons did my horizons expand once again: Dragons have always been the most brilliant geneticists and reality twisters (matrix understanders), but those among them who decided to promote thrivig of all life were also the creators of the best and most powerful initiation paths to mastery.

Again, those of the dragons who chose to promote thriving of all life were also the creators of the best and most powerful ways to initiate mastery.