The best tool for co-creators

Hypnotic coachings (BQH) that offer you a safe framework for self-exploration, self-discovery and self-healing.

The hypnotic Coaching session

I offer this session online (in English or German) and in-person in my room.
The hypnosis-like structure leads you into a light trance, but not into the depth of a somnambulant hypnosis. You can usually still remember everything as if you had woken up from a profound dream.

Duration: 3 hours, if we need more to complete we scedule a second one 


Price: First Session 180 €, second and following sessions 120 €,

Turbo Session for Experienced 60 € (max. 90 min), bundel of four sessions 400 €

In a Beyong Quantum Healing session is included

  • a detailed preliminary discussion in which all questions that you may still have about the session are clarified.
  • the actual BQH session lasting about two to two and a half hours
  • and a short follow-up discussion with the return to everyday awareness
  • the audio recording of the session will be available for your download shortly afterwards.
  • a follow up session to be sceduled, if the theme was not complete.

If the topic of the session cannot be completed within three hours, we will arrange another appointment for the free continuation. If you want so.

Working hours

BQH Sessions:

Monday to Saturday 6 PM my time (Germany), 9 AM California, 12 AM Florida, 5 PM Ireland

and 10 AM my time for Europeans and nightworkers

Free chat for questions

Just call me or make an appointment for a Zoom call with Email.


Attention: Please make an appointment first - then book here!

Beyond Quantum Healing Online

Booking an online session. With this booking our agreed appointment becomes binding.
Please do not book the session until we have had the free preliminary discussion and an appointment has already been made. In the event of cancellation up to one week in advance without stating a reason, the full amount will be refunded. In the event of a shorter cancellation before the appointment, I will keep a processing fee of 20 euros. The refund will be sent back to you within 30 days.

180,00 €

  • verfügbar

Payment can be done by Paypal or money transfer.

With Paypal, you can also use your credit card for payment, but you have to sign in and open an account on Paypal and verify your credit card.


I am already working on making credit card payment possible directly and easily, but for the now, I am sorry:


You can send your money only either via Paypal or direct money transfer to my bank account. You will be guided through.