Buy a Dragon

Go to Shop if you want to buy an already felted dragon, please. They just came up in between and were not specially energized and programmed, at least not beyond what all dragons automatically absorb while they are in my area.

If you would like to order a customized dragon, you can find more information on this page. Different prices apply for individualized, energized and programmed dragons.

Didn't find your dragon in the shop? I create dragons according to your ideas, energize and programme them for you personally in alignment with your Higher Self, with all desired and realizable details and in any size that still fits through the door.  No fixed price, just ask for an offer!

Your Dragon Design in Felt!

Write me in an email, how your dragon should look like, and maybe add a picture or a drawing.

A child's drawing is also wonderful.

If you would like me to channel energies and a connection to your higher self, I also need a picture of you as well as your place of birth and your date of birth.

If the order is for a child, please note this so that I can make the dragon particularly durable - as a children's toy according to DIN norm (children's toys from 3 years).

Price for an Individualized Dragon

In addition to the size of a dragon, the details, colors and patterns determine the price. Here are the prices for single-colored individualized dragons, surcharge of 10% to 30% for multi-colored patterns and numerous complicated details (such as spikes, beard, claws):
from 390 euros - small
from 890 euros - medium
from 1490 euros - big
from 2990 euros - huge
Discount promotions refer to these prices. Free shipping worldwide.

Comparing the sizes of my dragons: You see the bottle of water on the left side? Translation:

riesengroß = giant / besonders groß = big / klein und mini = mini / normal = small


Down payment of your dragon (final price in brackets)


A dragon just the way you want it, and I'll change it until you like it. With the down payment, the individualized purchase becomes binding. Withdrawal from the down payment is not possible since I start with the implementation immediately. Shipping: Free.

70,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

An individualized dragon is felted according to your ideas, you will be actively involved in the design. I'll adjust it until you like it. If you don't like it, I keep your down payment and sell the resulting dragon on. So you don't have to take it. Just pay for the used material and a little time (this corresponds to the down payment), and you can at least use the pictures of your dragon privately.

Alternatively, you can order your dragon as a surprise send by your Higher Self - just like drawing a tarot card. For this I need a picture of you and the date and place of birth. You set the price with the size. I'll do the rest myself.