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Little dragon

Little dragon in different colors

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Big magenta-red dragon

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Real big green dragon

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Your dragon favourite is not there? I manufacture energeized dragons exactly according to your ideas with all details and in any size that still fits through the door. And above all with a real strong connection to your Higher Self. This can only be of an individual VB price, just call me or mail me and ask! You are welcome!

Your dragon design implemented in felt!


Write me in an email what your dragon should look like, and add a picture or drawing, only if possible. If the order is for a child, please note this so that I do not make it as a decoration but as a children's toy according to DIN norm children's toys from 3 years upwards. 

My prices are really moderate compared with the love and the many hours work behind (something around 10 Euros/Hour. And I have a contract with all my future Power Animals (Lichtfilzlinge) that they participate in the price finding. So you and me and your future felted dragon decide together which price is for the good of all involved.

How we do that?

First we talk about your imagined dragon friend, how he/she wants to look like and what our financial situation is we have to go with. As soon as everything is "on the plate" we both withdraw and meditate about the price in the next days. In meditation you ask your dragon, what price or barter or exchange is for the good of all. And I do the same, before we meet again at phone. We share our findings and find an agreement that is wonderful for the three of us. Because shurely your dragon nearly can't wait to come to you!

After this second phonecall I formulate our agreement and send it via email. Now - and not earlier- you can book the deposit underneath and I begin felting.

Booking deposit for an individualized dragon (final price in brackets)

With this deposit you order a dragon just the way you want it and with the energy you need most for your next step foreward. You don't have to take it, without any obligation.

I'll send you pictures when he/she is felted and I change your dragon accordingly to your feedback until you like it. Or if you don't like it in the end (that never happened so far) I keep the deposit for the material used and a little of my time and I sell it to someone else. You must not pay more than your already payed deposit if you do not take it. But you can at least privately use all the pictures of your designed dragon for just the deposits price, share it proudly on facebook and others.

With booking the deposit, the individualized purchase becomes binding. The deposit money is not payed back. Withdrawal from the down payment is not possible since I start with the implementation immediately.

Free shipping worldwide.

Please let us find the complete agreement first by talking and meditating!

Let's use Zoom for talking, as I use it for my sessions.

I invite you there without costs for you - worldwide! We can even record our agreement.

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Exemple for a big dragon ...