My Dragons - in pure sheep wool

My powerful energized dragons are masters of creation, stargates to higher dimensions and yet grounding you with their relationship to their dragon relatives of the elementals, mainly Earth dragons flying around the Leylines or dragon paths.


Like all light felt shamanic power animals I created during all those years, they like to talk to me (and also to everyone else). And they have always been good for a surprise: In the end, we even wrote books together. The dragons told me about the real history behind history and teached me to co-create in a way, that bends probabilities to my favor and those of the good.

Order your individualized dragon which I personally channel and energize for you and you establish a broadband connection to your higher self on the level of the Ascended Masters. Your upload and download speed increase to such an extent that you can speak of a super good internet connection for your mediations (or multidimensional, cosmic ethernet connection), which you then train yourself - with a little help from me - to selfgrow out of help and become an independent loving and caring co-creator. At some point you don't need your dragon anymore. He then likes to move on to help others.

Latest comment:
"Hello, dear Julianne, I've thought it many times, but today I really wanted to write you. Your felt dragons are just wonderful. Real light bearers! Joy, lightness, I do not have the words to describe the magic that emanates from them! They make my heart laugh. What a wonderful gift you have there! Many heartfelt greetings from Germany ... "


Dragons are my most powerful felt art species of all my power animal cuddly toys called "Lichtfilzlinge" (Light-felt-lins). They are energizes and programmed gates to other dimensions. In the following video I talk about what I have found out why dragons show up in ones life:


When I was a dragon myself (Remote Beyond Quantum Healing Session 2020 with Virginie Lafont)

My powerful, crazy and joyful dragons have been with me since 2004 and always had surprises: In the end we even wrote books together.

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I present a few favorites here:



Large magenta dragon, 2015
approx. 80 cm high, pure wool

 He wanted to be part of an interview for the Südwestfunk and wrote the dragon path books and "Happy through the end of the world" with me.



Green and colorful dragon
approx. 60 cm high, 2008

For a long time he was the cheerleader of the light felt pieces before he was fed up with the pompoms and put them down.





Yellow / golden dragon
approx. 70 cm high, pure wool

Chinese dragon with the pearl of wisdom.



little red dragon Giulio
approx. 30 cm high, pure wool

This dragon stands for my independence, has an intangible touch and likes to eat pizza.



white-blue dragon Artur 2008
approx. 40 cm high, pure wool
overhauled 2019

He is the co-author of the autobiographical manuscript for "Hooray, the Lichtfilzlinge come". He helped me formulate, understand and revise several times. I found my life's purpose with him.



little dragon Liberty, white-blue
approx. 30 cm high, pure wool 2008
overhauled in 2018, he also got wings



Me with my golden dragon.

This dragon was created years ago. In 2020 he came to me again in a BQH session with Virginie Lafon. This is how I found out that we are a couple on other levels, a pair of dragons. More specifically, in the 6th dimension ..

The session was recorded in English and was published on YouTube. Here the link.




are my most powerful felted felt hats, but so far there have also been very different, unique animals: unicorns, ducks, snakes or other animals that also had a symbolic meaning for their philanthropist. See Lichtfilzlinge. And here you can draw your current power animal card: in the oracle of the Lichtfillzinge.