More about Beyond Quantum Healing

Each session is developing uniquely

It is supportive, loving, clear, safe and unpredictable.

The scenes presented let you understand and relate exactly to your previously defined intentions. So think it over carefully! You could find yourself in a place that lets you know what is preventing you from fulfilling your intentions, or in a place where you can learn more about your talents, or you could travel back in time and in another Land or life. You will be guided to the most suitable place and time, which can even be a life as an ET. It comes as a complete surprise because your intent alone determines which experience is selected and later explained by your higher self. Your higher self wants to support your healing and self-discovery, but it rarely meets your expectations. If that were the case, you wouldn't need a session, then everything would be going well for you!

Hypnotic states are natural.
In fact, they occur so often that we spend much of our lives in them. Reading, singing, praying or driving can create such a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is nothing more than relaxed, focused attention. Any good meditation also leads to this state of relaxation.

Conventional hypnosis
The basic idea for it is that the trainer helps to introduce new suggestive concepts. For example, a common goal of hypnosis is to help the client change habits and behaviors. A traditional hypnotist might say, "You no longer find the idea of smoking cigarettes desirable." Most traditional hypnosis courses focus on generally accepted clinical, psychological, and therapeutic approaches to behavior change.

I avoid suggestions
Since the psychological-scientific focus of behavior change is not the goal of my work, and I do not want to anchor affirmations mentally (unless expressly requested), my BQH session is not a classic hypnosis. Instead, I accompany the client in the search for answers to his questions and support the healing through his own highest, emotional levels.

Does that work for you too?

Shure! But maybe you need some practice.

It would be helpful if you could still imagine as if you were a child. Game:
Someone says to you, for example: There's a boy in front of your door, it's Mardi Gras. What do you mean, what does he look like? As what does he go? Describe him closer to me ...
You can still do that, right?
We practice the rest together - learning by doing.

You may be thinking: Then all of this is just pure fantasy!
Well, then at least it is your own imagination.

But you will surely be more than surprised where this process will lead you! And you can listen to everything again afterwards!

Navigating you through space and time

The caring, safe room
Like the lady in the switchboard, I see my job in "plugging" as clear a connection as possible to your higher self and holding you the space for it, while I hover with you through your subconscious or superconscious, other dimensions or other lives. I guide you safely (because in this state you cannot drive a car yourself!). Of course I will bring you back safely, too. Your higher self, by the way, only allows helpful and beneficial contacts that are best suited for you and your particular situation.

After the meeting.
I will provide the audio file as a download after the session in MP3 format. It is advisable to listen to it several times, but please not during driving a car or similar tasks. Repetitions often reveal new insights that have previously been overlooked.

Your questions can relate to

  • Health issues (so far no or only minimal improvement through therapies)    
  • Relationship issues (separation, loss, bullying, partnership, parent-child)    
  • Conflict issues, stress and stress (private and professional)    
  • Contact with the soul, life path and life task   
  • Origin and origin, soul family  
  • other lives, paranormal and memory gaps  
  • strange and inexplicable experiences

It is all about you.

You can ask anything. And then you walk with me through your subconscious and superconscious, your dream level or your shadow and your higher levels, through other times and dimensions - always looking for answers. You meet your higher self and ask for answers and possibly also healing or help for self-healing. This way you can explore your dreams, get explanations for strange experiences and even go on a vision quest.

For an online session you need

  • a good internet connection,
  • Computer, tablet or cell phone
  • and a headset.
  • The Zoom app on your device. It's easy, I'll help you set it up. Zoom works similar to Skype, with chat (written, audio, video)
  • You also need comfortable seating, not completely upright and not completely lying down. Like the one in the picture.
  • You should make sure that we remain undisturbed. Bell, telephone, AB off.
  • Have a glass of water ready
  • and a few handkerchiefs just in case.
  • A cozy blanket and soft pillows also help you relax.

And then you can start. But before you book this wonderful session: Please let us make an appointment and clarify your questions! After all, it could also be that one of of us finds out that the chemistry isn't right for a session and it is much more difficult to resign if you have already paid.

Even if you live nearby, an online session is recommended, because you can lie comfortably afterwards and contemplate the experience in relaxation.