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Would you like to learn more about yourself and your life's purpose?

Do you want to understand inexplicable body symptoms and are you looking for help for self-healing?

There are many reasons for BQH - hypnotic coachings.



I am a felt artist (dragons and other animals), author (autobiographical anecdotes and fictional dragon talks about awareness and conscious creating) and a coach with focus on Beyond Quantum Healing. All my previous coaching styles do easily complement this universal, comprehensive and multidimensional hypnotic coachings as add-ons.

BQH Sessions in English and german

English is a foreign language to you? No problem: Let's do a little free chat and find out if we come together!

I would like to accompany you on a somewhat different research trip. A journey through your subconscious and superconscious, through this and through other dimensions, through this or other lifes. It is entirely up to you whether we speak directly to your higher self and ask for healing, or whether we visit other existences of yours to better understand the connections in your current life. Because your intentions alone determine the direction of our journey. More about this session?

Example for a session (me as client)

I wanted to know more about me and my relationship with dragons and landed in a life as a female dragon of the 6th dimensions. And met for the first time with dragons of the 10th dimension who offered me more contact in the next months, as our connection is now established.

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Individual sessions in which you receive unique answers.

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Energized felt art, dragons & animals

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