Dragons, Dragons, Dragons...

All my creative paths meet at the dragons:
Sessions, books, studio and unique felt items...


 I love dragons, felt dragons and teach the Dragon Path.

It was only after I had completed my process of awakening and many dragons had flown out into the world: that I found out that humanity already knew this path:

It was the Dragon Path as taught by the Masters of the East. They called themselves the 'Masters of the Dragon Gate'. However, I woke up typically female and therefore very different.

I was somewhat surprised, believe me! I myself a dragon master? Where I kept making such stupid mistakes? If you want to learn more about it, I wrote it all down in my books.

Why dragons show up in your life

Are you ready for your own dragon?

I will felt it for you according to your ideas and in exactly the size that will give you a lot of pleasure even in the price.

All models shown want to inspire you to create a very special dragon, because one thing is certain:

Your dragon should be as unique as you!