I proudly present my dragon book
04. May 2022
Now its out! My first book of the Female Dragon Path Series is now listed for sale internationally - it's so exciting!
Felting a dragon
26. April 2022
Felting a dragon in 8 minutes. No, not this one: I needed three months to create him!

Finally: My own dragon buddy
13. April 2022
Two years later I felted this dragon, the first that stayed with me til today. More in my book to come. And yes, he also talked with me.
Dragon whispering
13. April 2022
The first dragon showed up as a voice behind my neck. Invisible, but I could feel from where it talked. So the first dragon - believe it or not - was created after the instructions of a real dragon! Even today I love to follow instructions, but this time those of my fans, or say: those who order an individualized dragon after their own imagination.

Felting: The first beginnings
13. April 2022
My first try in felting did not make me proud. It brought me into trouble. Paranormal things happened and my journey of awakeing began.
Book launching in progress
02. April 2022
My first book in English is nearly ready for launching. With my fiverr team I am looking for the right cover and the right campaign on pinterest and amazon.

Introduction of some Dragons
28. March 2022
May I introduce you to some dragons and other Lightfelts?
The Spirit Animal Oracle
06. March 2022
What my spirit animals say about themselves. Consult the oracle about the daily energy.