Add ons - a variety of options

Dragon Path Coaching, a master training, online and in person
Where are you in your maturation process and how can it continue? Questions and answers about your ascent or about the world situation in general and how something can be effectively changed. A primarily advisory, clarifying session, an efficient mental tidying up in the head. Delete the limitations in your head and you have plenty of space for new things!

Dragon Energy Streaming, only in person
Energetic session lying down - refueling and tidying up in relaxation with or without bars, my streaming dragon sits at the head end and maintains the connection to the highest level, while I take over the grounding on the feet. As with Reiki (I've also been a Reiki and Lightarian Reiki teacher for twenty years) I then also follow the impulses and lay my hands on them.

Access Bars, energetic session, in person only
Touching points and bars on the head, energetic discharge and reset in your own strength, at least a good relaxation. Since the disturbing energies in the head are deleted and harmony is restored, much more can happen!

Mental Coaching with or without Access Consciousness tools, online and in person
I have completed the Foundation course and several individual seminars once, but I am not allowed to call myself Access Consciousness Practitioner without annual repetition and completion of the training, and I understand that, too. On the other hand, I am constantly working on myself with these tools. For me they are not strange, incomprehensible exercises, because I understand their background and their effect. Should I ever have the financial means, I would like to perfect this system and visit Costa Rica once in a while.

Rebirthing, lying down, 2 hours, only in person
(Connected breathing) can clarify issues that have so far resisted any healing because they are buried too deep in the subconscious. During this session, you only breathe deeply and in connection. A purely energetic catharsis is created, which now opens up new opportunities to continue working on it in a BQH. Repressed topics can simply be breathed away, instead of reactivating them again and possibly traumatically. It is not talked about, you clear the emotional charge through the guided connected breathing. Such a session makes you powerful and happy.

Lightarian initiations, 30 minutes, online only
(Rays, Angels, Reiki) as well as own initiations expand the vibration space and height. Initiations permanently increase your natural vibration, that is, you can maintain a much higher vibration independently and without outside help. And then, of course, create much more effectively in deser. These initiations work very well online.

Intuitive Feng Shui, online or in person
Harmonize the environment, reinforce intentions - possibly with a site inspection. I intuitively feel the energy flows in the environment and give you tips to improve your environment so that it supports your intentions and does not sabotage them. Your environment is one third responsible for whether your intentions can be implemented.

All of my individual sessions, but also my dragons and my books want to support you on your Dragon Path into Mastery. You are a co-creator, energetically probably already an Ascended Master, now learn to behave like that!

My Qualifications


Basic knowledge within the framework of both teacher studies (elementary, secondary and special schools), application in everyday school life, distance learning Jnana Yoga (Peter Haich, from 1988), "Advanced Warrior of the Heart" and others as well as Earthstewards exchange (Danaan Parry, 1989 - 1996), annual training in mediation (Steyerberg 1994), facilitator in "Essential Peacemaking / Women and Men" (Danaan Parry, Jerilyn Bruesseau, 1993) and "The Art of Living in Peace" (Pierre Weill, 1994), annual training in rebirthing ( 1997), various psychological conversation techniques for psychological relief in the context of studying to become a special school teacher (1998 - 2000).

Energy and Consciousness:

Reiki, All Degrees (1993-1995), Course in Miracles (1990-1997), Lightarian Initiations (the whole system until 2005), Magnified Healing (2005), Christ Consciousness & Baptism (Keith Mc Farlane, 2005), Melchezidek and the seven masters (Keith McFarlane, 2006), self-initiation into the light of the goddess (Lady Africa, Isis, Bluestar, 2004 - 2006, described in detail in the book trilogy of the felted light), various own and other dragon initiations (2003 - 2006) In 2014, my kites surprised me by wanting to be initiated into the Access Bars. They have developed the bars into dragon streaming, a wonderful, energetic session not just for dragon lovers. Many courses and practice in Access Consciousness (Access Bars, Access Foundation, Acess Face Lifting, including most recently Body Whispering: A very different Healers Training, Dain Heer, 2019), training in "Beyond Quantum Healing" (Candace Craw-Goldmann) 2019.


Individual training by the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara (and others, daily since 2000), light body process / light nourishing process according to Jasmuheen three times, for the first time in 2000, slow complete embodiment of the Ascended Master Bluestar / Stardust, who I was on other levels before birth (it happens anyway all at the same time). Slow wake-up process and its description in the trilogy of light felts, recorded as inspiration and confirmation for subsequent master students who wake up. All of my books support the individual session and serve the wake-up process by simplifying and accelerating it. In doing so, they also push the reader forward energetically, just like my dragons do.

Would you like to progress in the process and are you looking for a decision-making aid for your next step? I would be happy to advise you!
The initial consultation is free and non-binding. Make an appointment with me here below via contact.