Beyond Quantum Healing - Hypnosis Coaching

Complete the process: Bring the conscious and the unconscious together and become sovereign.


In a Beyond Quantum Healing - Hypnosis Coaching we make contact with your higher self and ask it for healing and reorientation. For inspiration. To get answers. About understanding and change. And about ideas for the future. But above all about perfect health and access to your potential and all your power. And of course they also ask whether there is a life's work. You can ask anything and ask for anything. Can't you do anything with a "higher self"? Then we will ask your questions about the universe! It works! And that's the only thing that matters.

The method is very effective online

Hypnosis coaching (Beyond Quantum Healing) is particularly easy and safe to carry out ONLINE, as you stay in your familiar surroundings and you are only put into a light trance, similar to a daydream or guided meditation.
An online session is at least as healing, profound and effective as a personal session in my room! Above all, you can still mediate afterwards and don't have to drive home through the traffic.

Advantages: Regardless of any contact restrictions, you can concentrate intensively on your healing, your conscious development and your shadow integration. Could you use your time better? With this you clear the way in front of you in order to finally create the life for which you came for. And after the session, you just continue to relax at home and take the time to explore and integrate.

Course of hypnosis coaching - Beyond Quantum Healing

  • Preliminary talk, questions
  • Attunement, comfortable elevated position.
  • Guided meditation in a trance
  • You land in an experience and report about it while I ask you about it. We explore a few experiences and stations in this life, including your end and what this life has to do with your intentions and questions.
  • You are drawn into a next experience.
  • Then a third life may present itself to you. As I said, with the classic course. But you can also have completely different experiences, let yourself be surprised!
  • Then I ask a being who can give you information about what these presented lives have to do with your intentions. Your deceased partner could come by for it, your father, your higher self, an angel, or some completely different being. In any case, someone who knows you and is kind to you.
  • We may get further help, for example in a healing temple, through a body scan, the healing light of the source or from your higher self.
  • I will bring you back from hypnosis into day-consciousness.
  • We talk about your experience and you end it afterwards.

Included in this price

  • a detailed introduction to the session, in which all questions that you may have about the session are clarified, about 30 to 60 minutes.
  • the actual BQH session of up to two hours
  • Return to day-to-day awareness, evaluation and a short follow-up discussion of approx. 30 minutes
  • the audio recording of the session; it will be available for download shortly afterwards
  • and if you want, a debriefing after a few days, a response, about 30 minutes

Would you like to progress in the process and are you looking for a decision-making aid for your next step? I would be happy to advise you!
The initial consultation is free and non-binding. Make an appointment with me here below via contact.