Regression, other lives and my experience


For more than thirty years, I have naturally remembered other lives whenever I have been able to solve their problems with the same people in the present life and relationships have been perfected. Then our ways parted.

Often the physical symptoms and illnesses automatically disappeared. Sometimes I had to get help to clean up the energetic residues. By then, at the latest, the way was clear for more physical health.

As I healed my past by completing the experience in the now with the same people, I also regained all of my talents that had been lost in other lives. This is how I came across my dragon power.


It took me years and decades to do this, because the collective consciousness was not yet ready. Today it can go much faster, the vibration is many times higher and now, conversely, people in particular have health problems who still refuse to participate in the process.

By chance I discovered that people who just sat with me and talked animatedly about dreams, interests and their ideas also remembered their previous lives in the course of the conversation, just like that. I didn't need any training from other teachers for this. My life itself was my trainer.


I've been stimulating regression in private since I woke up with the first wave in 1987. Today I prefer it to happen exclusively in a professional setting. When I see something privately today, I keep these perceptions to myself.

In a hypnotic coaching session, this perception helps me to intuitively give you the most effective impulses without disturbing your direction or knowing something better. Your process is precious and unique and I try not to disturb it as much as possible.

Did you already know that your consciousness decides which discoveries you allow?


If you come into a session with a tunnel vision and a firmly established, materialistic worldview, then you have built a solid castle around you that leaves new experiences outside as much as possible.

However, if you are open, then we will also find the door to your mysterious unconscious and can go on a treasure hunt together.

Would you like to progress in the process and are you looking for a decision-making aid for your next step? I would be happy to advise you!
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