The Spirit Animal Oracle

What is today's spirit animal and its message for you? Klick on the red button. Explanation in English and German. Have fun!




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Lightfelt Oracle


Know yourself and todays' energies, have fun!


Spirit Animal Oracle

The Oracle Query

  • Consult the oracle no more than once a day.
  • Before you click, take a moment to reflect on what is going on in your life.
  • Click to the Oracle. Let the image and the words sink into you. Feel and understand.
  • Think about what it could mean to you and then let it go completely. Because you are much bigger than any power animal!

Are you in a crisis?
In a very difficult situation or worse (near a burnout for example) you may move three animals in a row. One stands for the past or the cause of your situation, one for the situation itself and one for a possible solution.

A Lightfelt for you?

Use the oracle to ask which animal would like to help you with your next step. And if that's true for you, I'd be happy to frisk him for you. And if you dream of an animal that does not yet exist in Light-felt, then your Lightfelt and its message will also be included in this oracle. You help the oracle to grow.