Welcome to my English website: Dragons, BQH, and the Dragon Path to Mastery

Isn't it finally time to wake up your dragon?

 Like the inner child stands for the unconscious part in you that still wants to grow up, so a dragon sleeps in every human being.


He is responsible for facing the world authentically, courageously and confidently.


The dragon symbolizes the part in your unconscious that protects your connection to the source (soul, life energy, higher self) and powerfully pushes you forward through the experiences... If it is (still) asleep, unconscious patterns are open to any manipulation and gate open.

My new book will be a fantasy story that takes up this idea.

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Unleash your full potential and simply be  your true authentic self

That's what also my book is about

Are you ready for your own dragon?

May I felt you a dragon that is as unique as you are?

Dragons made of colorful cuddly felt are available in my studio from 95 euros. Of course, my favorite big dragons are more valuable. At the two giant dragons in golden yellow and magenta I sat  each half a year for example. My pain threshold for them to say goodbye is in the five-digit range.


I will felt your dragon exactly according to your specifications and in exactly the size that will give you a lot of fun even in the price.


My dragon gallery wants to inspire you to find out what your dragon looks like. Or you discover your favorite dragon in the studio. Then that's true too.


I never really wanted to write books. But the adventures with my felt creatures really were too weird, too amazing and too paranormal. I just had to tell that... Then one thing led to another: I discovered the dragon path, which uncovers the highest potential and anchors it here. And that is probably even more important for humanity today. That's why I keep writing now.

It was only after I had completed my awakening process and many dragons had flown out into the world that I realized that mankind already knew this path:


it was the dragon path as taught by the masters of the east for millennia.


However, I woke up typically female and therefore very different. I was somewhat surprised, believe me! I myself a dragon master? Where I kept making such stupid mistakes? If you want to learn more about it, I wrote it all down in my books.



Awaken the shaman in you!

Because we all feel connected to certain power animals...

 Do you already know your personal power animal? Just as every person is assigned to a zodiac sign through their horoscope, their favorite animal shows up in dreams or in a passion for collecting. This is how your subconscious talks to you and wants to explore and strengthen characteristics in you that are attributed to this animal.


Most people have a vague relationship with a wild power animal (not a domesticated pet). Or do you also like to let yourself be trained and emotionally exploited like a pet? That sounds harsh, but unfortunately gets to the heart of the matter. Our domesticated pets have contractually consented to this symbiosis as group souls. The pet contract reads: "Security and meeting the basic needs of survival in exchange for emotional exploitation and alienated living and dying."


Of course I asked the sheep collective as a group soul what they think of my wool felting.


They told me: "It is an honor for us to donate the wool for your energized felted cuddly babies. Our shearing, through energizing and positive design, can (almost) as emotionally comfort and empower as real pets do."


If you take into account the costs of keeping an animal, keeping a felted compagnon is actually much cheaper in the long run.

Do you like to play?

Then draw the power animal of the day!


Find out more about yourself and your current state of mind! Have fun! Before you click, take a moment to reflect on what is going on in your life. Let the image and the words sink into you (The German text comes after the English). Feel and understand. Think about what it might mean to you, and then let it go completely. Because you are much bigger than any power animal!

A Lightfelt animal for you?

 You can also ask the oracle, "Which animal would like to support me in my next step right now?" I would be happy to felt this animal for you to further increase its positive effect.


Should you dream of an animal that does not yet exist in felt with me, then your Lightfelt and its message will even be included in this oracle. The oracle will then be expanded to include your contribution. That's really something, right?


I felt from pure sheep's wool, inside and out. Felt is pleasantly warm and cuddly to the touch, beautiful and also a revelation to the touch.


I felt children's toys particularly firmly and resiliently. Thanks to our gag reflex, small parts cannot be swallowed. A toy that even grows with you: every change is possible, even after years. More ...

By the way...

You don't have to step out of line when you're a little different: be yourself! That is enough.

All my creative projects meet at the dragons and support you on your own dragon path: Dragon studio, unique felt items, events and courses, coaching sessions and books... Don't forget to have fun! Especially in these challenging times....