About me


Ah-Yh-Ra (Eh-Yh-Ra), that's what the Celts called their home.
In star language it means dust (Eh or Ah or just "a") from (Yh) star (Ra), i.e. = Stardust.
This is also the name of the Ascended Master, to whom I feel particularly connected. She is known for working closely with Sanat Kumara. I chat with this Ascended Master daily.

My home town district "Idar" of Idar-Oberstein is also called such in the native dialect: I was born here (my Highest Self told me that I choose the location to be able to pronounce my 'spiritual' name accurately.  name . Eh-Yh-Ra goes back to a Celtic settlement. So I'm a true Eh-Yh-Ra-Da.

Felt artist, author and coach

CV, jobs and training

  • Elementary and secondary school teacher for mathematics and work studies
  • Special education teacher, learning and behavior, socially deprived school
  • Vocational training in mediation, practice as a school mediator
  • Seminar leader "creative conflict resolution and peace education"
  • international peace projects, Earthstewards Network
  • Puppet builder, puppet construction, hand puppets, felt animals
  • Rebirther, Reiki Teacher, Lightarian, Magnified Healing, Access Bars practitioner
  •   Female Dragonpath to Mastery as a student, teacher, master
  •   autobiographical description of spritual awakening the female way
  •  teaching Ascension  / escaping the matirx / souvereignty

First burnout in 1996 at a Berlin comprehensive school in Wedding, then switched to the special school in Pankow and Friedenau with a second degree alongside work. After twenty-five years of service, my second burnout came in 2003, which resulted in my incapacity to work. Since then I have received an unconditional basic income and now a pension, and I am very grateful for that.

I woke up with the first big wave in 1987 and started my spiritually conscious journey to myself, which is still going on. Long dark night of the soul 1996, walk-in (ascension call) 2003, various alternative trainings, cooperation with and emancipation from teachers, metaphysical, spiritual and religious ideas and paths. As a post-spiritual mental trainer, passionate felter and enthusiastic dragon woman, my offer is as colorful as the light felts. Above all, I want to encourage self-help, self-healing and self-love and guide people safely through the difficult times ahead. My current focus is motivating those around me to complete the process NOW.



Basic knowledge within the framework of both teacher studies (elementary, secondary and special schools), application in everyday school life, distance learning Jnana Yoga (Peter Haich, from 1988), "Advanced Warrior of the Heart" and others as well as Earthstewards Exchange (Danaan Parry, my teacher from 1989 to 1996, when he died), one year-long training in mediation (Steyerberg 1994), facilitator in "Essential Peacemaking/ Women and Men" (Danaan Parry, Jerilyn Bruesseau, 1993) and "The Art of Living in Peace" (Pierre Weill, 1994), one year-long course in Rebirthing ( 1997), various psychological interview techniques for psychological relief in the context of studying to become a special education teacher (1998 - 2000).

Arts and crafts

Grown up in a family of craftsmen (gemstone engravers, goldsmiths, diamond cutters and setters, who brought me closer to practical skills and the will to design, doll maker since the 1970s, various materials, unique pieces and numbered small series, studied handicrafts and textile design within the work apprenticeship and teaches, further training in many techniques, hand puppets for an interactive puppet show and finally felt animals and artistic light felt uniques.

Energy and Consciousness

Reiki, all degrees (1993 - 1995), Course in Miracles (1990 - 1997), Lightarian Initiations (the whole system up to 2005), Magnified Healing (2005), Christ Consciousness & Baptism (Keith Mc Farlane, 2005), Melchezidek and the Seven Masters (Keith McFarlane, 2006), self-initiation into the Light of the Goddess (Lady Africa, Isis, Bluestar, 2004 - 2006, described in detail in the book "The Goddess is back"), various own and other dragon initiations (2003 - 2006). In 2014, my dragons surprised me by wanting to be initiated into the Access Bars. They have further developed the bars into Dragonstreaming, a wonderful, energetic session not only for dragon lovers. Many courses and practice in Access Consciousness (Access Bars, Access Foundation, Acess Face Lifting, including most recently Body Whispering: A very different Healers Training, Dain Heer, 2019), training in "Beyond Quantum Healing" (Candace Craw-Goldmann) 2019.


One-on-one training by Ascended Master Sanat Kumara (and others, daily since 2000), Light Body Process / Light Nourishing Process according to Jasmuheen three times, first time in 2000, slow full embodiment of Ascended Master Stardust, which I was on other planes even before I was born (it happens anyway all at the same time). Like Sanat Kumara, she is a member of the Bluestar Council and therefore fulfilling a Hopi prophecy. Slow waking up process and its description in her autobiographical stories, recorded as inspiration and confirmation for subsequent, waking up master students. All her books support the individual session and serve the waking up process by simplifying and speeding it up. In doing so, they also energetically push the reader forward, just like her dragons do.