Walk the female Dragon Path!

How it all started...

Since 2004 everything revolved around dragons. Without knowing, I followed the old dragon path to Mastery.

This was my first dragon. It came in a spontaneous inspiration. I've never been interested in dragons before. Not at all. I also avoided felting.

Today I know that this already announced a quantum leap in my consciousness. If I had known that my whole life would change if a dragon appeared in it, I might have hesitated to challenge God in such a way:

Soon after, I stood resolutely on my power place in nature and shouted to the sky with my fist raised: "God, I demand Ascension now!" That was in 2003.

On the other hand, my life has become so much more creative, colourful, authentic and fulfilling, I don't want to be without my dragons and other spirit animals anymore!

If I would not have challenged God (or my faith) I wouldn't have discovered the Dragon Path to Mastery and I wouldn't have written any books about my paranormal adventures in the new consciousness either. I would have simply continued, stupidly depressed, in the old rut.


So now you know what this is about: If I can do it, you can do it, too. My felted cuddly toys may support you erergetically or just radiate a good mood, and my books may entertain you and inspire you for own researches and adventures while creating with your hands. And overall it's about consciousness, souvereignty, full potential and changing the probabilities of your life.
Become even more creative, colorful and authentic! Live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life!
But stop!
Of course, I not only felt and reported in books about the descent of my Highest Self into my body and my exit from the Matrix, I also went in search of a suitable coaching method that could help you in individual sessions to do the same:

  •     heal yourself and awaken self-determined
  •     take the powerful shortcut
  •     activate your full potential
  •     strengthen the connection to your highest self
  •     release the limitations and wounds which stem from other lives
  •     rediscover your own galactic history
  •     be your sovereign self now

I found Beyond Quantum Healing, this session includes everything you may ask for.


Together with these sessions and my books, and supported and powerfully energetically pushed forward by one of my felt dragons, your journey to yourself becomes easy.

My story only matters if it also helps you to awaken to your healthy, confident and authentic self: become the best true YOU