The Dragon Week


Are you ripe for your own dragon? Then I have an idea:

Felt a dragon with me, YOUR dragon!

An intensive week as a master student

An individual offer that is tailored to your needs. Be a protégé for a week. You live and work with me and accompany me on felting courses and other activities. In between we also find time for instructions, initiations and everything else that interests you. We put together an individual training program for you.
My guest room is included in individual training/assistance as a light felter/dragon felter. Be my guest for a whole week and learn and adopt from me everything you need to take your own felt crafts to a new level:

I call this offer "the Dragon Week" because it also deals with the Dragon Path, wether you frisk a dragon, an angel or a figure of Mother Mary. And of course  these will be programmed and energized. As my master student, you can also work on a completely different masterpiece. You alone decide what your mastery should consist of.

Price: 1500 Euro for one week


  •      Seven-day week plus arrival and departure day (9 days)
  •      Beginning and end freely selectable
  •      individualized private lessons
  •      2-person shared flat with family connection if you want (booking seperately over AirBnB)
  •      accompany me in my everyday life (dragon studio, felt courses, etc.)
  •      you learn tips and tricks and get answers to your questions
  •      On request, individual sessions and initiations are also included
  •      individual instruction: creation of a felt masterpiece
  •      Certificate "master student", individualized for you

You can take time off whenever you want!

We make this week an unforgettable experience

As unique as you are!

50% repeater discount

You can replay this week at any time to further increase your mastery. Let yourself be inspired and empowered!

I am a master practicing to be a master.

Because practice makes perfect.