Magic Felt Art Gallery - welcome!

Dragons and other Lightfelts

I call my felted animals "Lightfelts" because they are created with the same dose of quantum light as wool is involved. They radiate Source Light, absorb lower energies and activate your true self. If I channel a dragon individualized for you, he amplifies your own connection to the divine. Other animals have other unique talents you can find out in the oracle.

cuddly art in felt

Take the dragons and other spirit animals of my gallery as samples for your own imagination and let me create it in 3D.

My Lightfelts did not want an online shop

Why is that?

First, all individualized orders are negotiable in all parts including shipping worldwide.

Second, it is more like selling a pet. I love my Lightfelts and want them to find a home where is cared for them with love. Therefore I do not give away any Lightfelt without a personal talk.

Third, as artist I have just no fun with actualizing the ever changing European Store Terms and Conditions.