Children love Lightfelts



Lichtfelts are ideal for children from the age of 3 years.

They are natural and warm to the touch, and they encourage all kinds of role play and design planning.




They inspire joy, love and a sense of beauty. At the same time, they meet the EU CE standards for children's toys from the age of 3 years. They are felted particularly stable and tear-resistant. I only use pure wool or silk, dyed according to ecological standards.


Why do they not meet the standards for toy security under the age of 3 years? They are not for the washing maschine! Its all about washing. But on the other hand: They are completely natural and we humans have a reflex to not swallow wool. Even babies do spite out all fibres. So there is no danger at all, because I do not use any small parts such as eyes, ears and accessories that could be put in babies bodies. And if a big cleansing is necessary, just give the Lightfelts in a cure and let their light shine again.

Lightfelts for infants and small children

At this age, they primarily convey basic trust and security. In the first three years, Lightfelts want to be there and only be touched under supervision. I recommend Christening Dolphins and Goodnight Dragons. For reasons of hygiene, it makes sense not to give them to a child who is still sucking, nibbling, drooling and doing other material research.
No toy is as sustainable as this one: it can be repaired at any time or reconstructed from a photo. It can grow with you and is welcome to change, no matter whether the little dragon gets horns or a longer tail. The imagination knows no limits. For older children I recommend a self-designed Lightfelt!

Customized orders with age information

For a child, I can felt particularly firmly and stably at no extra cost, also according to the child's drawing and in any case with CE marking for child safety. However, your child's favorite characters from films and books are subject to copy protection, but this does not apply if a significant characteristic of them has been altered. So I can fulfill almost all wishes: Talk to me!

Individualized Goodnight Dragons on your child's design start with 350 Euro and are dependend on the complexity and size of the dragon design.

Lightfelts are ideal play animals

A child can bring more of its own creative imagination into reality by designing its own cuddly toy. And  as children change and grow their Lightfelts can grow, be repaired, strengthened and even changed with them. Where else is there something like this? After two years they might come up with new ideas:  "Longer tail, thicker paws, new ears" - no problem! It's actually indestructible because I can even reconstruct it from a photo.

You are felting yourself? Let me do the preparatory work for you.

You can also just order the blank from me (raw wool 3D model) and 'paint' and solidify it yourself, it's as easy as 'painting by numbers'. If you have some practice in felting, you or your child can also make minor repairs and changes yourself. If it is expressly felted as a CE toy (no price question, just another approach), then even the ears and spikes are attached in an absolutely tear-proof manner.