Lightfelts are Spirit Animals

Light felts are artistically unique pieces that have been felted with  love in a medirative state of high energy (quantum light). The dragons belong to the Lightfelts, as I call my spirit animals. Dragons are the lightfelts with the greatest power.

Light-felt is what I call my energized and programmed felt made of pure sheep's wool. I use it to create small felt gifts, high-quality play animals for children, cheerful power animals for adults and sophisticated artistic felt one-offs. Decoration according to Feng Shui principles and energized relief images for your sacred space complete the offer.

A Lichtfelt consists entirely of the natural raw material 'pure new wool' from sheep, and you can feel that. Only the white merino wool was usually mixed with 50% white silk. All of the colorful wool on the outer skin bears the ÖkoTex Standard 100 dye seal. I buy - if possible - regionally and use raw wool from German and Dutch stocks. I buy the fine wool for the surface 'molesing-free'. Other types of wool can also be found in the old stocks of colored wool. No small parts made of other materials are used. Only in the decorative items do I take the liberty of using additions such as wire legs (birds).

Hi, we are the Crazy Worms. We love to lift the spirits.

Toys for the Dragon Path - or just for fun!

An expressive one-of-a-kind piece is created in loving handwork, which also only exists once. The raw wool is almost exclusively felted with the needle in high vibration and concentration, I keep at it until everything is "right". The basic form is made from Dutch or North German, undyed raw wool in layers and individual parts and put together (not sewn or darned) and then covered ("painted") with colorful wool. On request (order) I felt especially resilient for playing (CE standard for toys) and also exactly according to children's drawings.

What does that have to do with the dragon path?

My dragons and other light feltlings invite you to playfully deal with the ideas from your subconscious. As a power animal, they accompany you on a shamanic journey to yourself. Gladly also with instructions, meditative attunement or fantasy journey when handing over your finished Lightfelt. Orders for others or vouchers are possible, but the consent of the recipient should be present.

Lightfelts for children

Christening Dolphin
It is the ideal gift from godparents and relatives for birth and baptism. The dolphin is connected to the highest soul levels of the infant, which conveys basic trust and promotes falling asleep. In addition, the dolphin absorbs the existing disturbing energies in the children's room and relieves the baby, who still has to get used to many chaotic energies. The name of the person to be baptized can be felted onto the tip of the dolphin's tail, making it a very special christening gift.

Goodnight Dragon
This is a little dragon that keeps the children's room free from energies that could disturb a good night's sleep. In particular, he can guard gates and protect the child from nocturnal, astral visitors who otherwise frighten him. That's why he likes to sit in a dark and hidden corner of the room, high up, where he can see everything.
For orders with an indication of the child's age, I will felt particularly firmly and stably at no additional cost, also according to the child's drawing and in any case with CE marking for safe children's toys. Your child's favorite characters from movies and books are subject to copyright protection, but protection doesn't apply if even a single significant feature has been altered. So I can fulfill almost all wishes: Talk to me - you are welcome!

Samples of Goodnight Dragons

Here five goodnight dragons and four ducks are waiting to be colored.

Materials and Care

Please never wash lightfelts in the washing machine! Wool regenerates itself very easily, preferably in the fresh air. Wool releases all odors and only needs cleaning on the soiled areas. You should wash them carefully by hand and keep the rest as dry as possible. Never immerse completely in water, the felt could deform. Most light felts are also too big and thick to dry in a reasonable amount of time, so mold would find ideal growing conditions inside. This damage - and only this - cannot be repaired.
Lightfelts are very easy to care for. Dip a cloth in salt water, wring it out. Carefully rub the surface of the light felt with a damp cloth. It's dust-free and perfect again. Use scissors to cut off small knots that form when cuddling or through energy work. On the other hand, use a felting needle to push loose hanging threads back into the felt body. Light felt also regenerates itself energetically in meditations, in the cure with me and through sunlight and moonlight.
Caution! Danger comes from your pets' claws and teeth, but above all from the particularly dangerous Velcro fasteners! And what about moths? These woolly pests are afraid of light: eggs are laid mainly on inaccessible backs or undersides and in the dark. An openly presented and now and then moved light feltling is not attractive for moths. If you are going to be away for a long time, store the light felt in a sealed plastic bag as a precaution.

Lightfelts like to come to the cure. After two years, a cure is recommended, because by then at the latest, the felted light has completely lost the light that is so typical for it. It becomes a simple felt without energy, but of course it retains its artistic value. The treatment mainly renews its appearance and is included in the guarantee.

Meditating with lightfelts

The introduced high vibration has a harmonizing effect and puts you in a good mood. As a portable place of power, a lightfelt absorbs the chaotic energies of its surroundings, raises the vibrations in a room (mood brightener) and thus contributes to well-being. As a meditation companion, a Lichtfelt makes the inner voice of the soul much more perceptible and gives self-confidence.

Sit up straight and comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply three times. Imagine a cord of light that connects your heart with the imaginary heart of the light feltling and wait. Let your thoughts drift as if they were clouds in the sky, don't catch any of them, observe and feel. Do you feel a flow? Do you hear strange thoughts in your head? You are not crazy! Your light felt talks to you! At least if you are lucky and open to this kind of perception! This can be the beginning of an amazing adventure that will make you think about what is real. If you are interested in what other people have experienced with their lightfelts, I recommend my books of "The Female Dragon Path Series".


You can find small gifts and take-away items as well as other felt decoration ideas between 10 and 50 Euros in my Dragon Studio. Lightfelts are available in all price ranges depending on their size, complexity and uniqueness. The Goodnight Dragons for children cost a flat rate of 180 euros, if they are already created, sitting around in the studio.

Individualized and energetically channeled unique pieces are individually agreed in advance on all points, usually the price doubles if I individualize an order, but therefore you have an unlimited revision til your unique piece is just like you imagined. Just speak to me!
My artistic work focuses on my larger and expressive unique pieces, and they have their price as an art object. As usual on the art market, this is freely negotiable. I also accept special orders for representative, larger sculptures.