Individualized Dragon Order

I have been felting dragons since 2004. The items shown in the gallery are mainly gifts, long sold or not for sale. They want to inspire you to an individual order that we will design together: Your idea and my implementation in felt. Make your dream of a dragon (or any other animal character) come true! Go to contact now.

My gallery would like to invite you to an inspiring chat or email about your order, which is of course free of charge and non-binding. I stick with your order and change what is wanted until every detail is right. Your satisfaction, pleasure and enthusiasm is very important to me. And if you don't like your customized dragon even after a revision in the end, I keep the deposit (for the material consumption and the risk of sale) and you have no more obligations. I then present this dragon for sale in my studio. And you still get the pictures of your felted dragon to use freely in social media.


But to be honest: That did never happen. My dragons love their human companions too much!

Dragon-Power for you

My Cuddle Art puts you in a good mood (because it raises your vibration and cleanses the environmental energies)

Comparison of size: Different sizes (translated)

besonders groß

normal groß

extraordinary big

normal size






riesengroß - giants in size: I work on the felted giants six months and more. Their price is accordingly 5000 Euros plus. But we can use them as a model for a much smaller copy of the original with all changes you can imagine: It will always become a unique art piece, with the energies and looks fitting best to you and your room and life (in size and price).

Some unique pieces are really small but also very special and have as the original their price. See the example "Liberty" - a dragon as the liberty statue - its pricing is about 1500 Euros.

You can individualize everything

If you want to order your own dragon, we can plan it exactly. Draw it for me or let me know what it looks like, maybe by comparing my dragons or searching for pictures on the internet! I will implement any of your ideas, even completely different ones than you find here. Your dragon already exists in other dimensions. Individualized dragons with channeled energies especially for you start at 650 Euros in normal size of a cuddly toy (incl. shipping worldwide).

All dragons can be planned, designed, drawn and colored also by you or your children. I then transform the drawing into a 3D figurine of any size, while at the same time connecting with the ideal energies that ideally support you.

A dragon never tells me its name. This is something very private. Your dragon will only tell you!

A dragon of mine can connect you more intensely with your higher self and help you to meditate more deeply. It can accelerate your journey to embodiment of your highest self and free your dragon power while bypassing any distortions in your connection to Source.


A Goodnight Dragon can also use its energies to protect a sleeping child from all monsters and at the same time strengthen the child's inner soul connection.

I always keep a selection of ready-made dragons for children in my studio. They have all one price: 180 Euros. No matter how long I sit at them. I want to support fearful children to feel safe while sleeping. This price only applies to existing dragons in my studio.


Or you choose your child's dream-buddy dragon, an individualized order especially for children: Individualized small dragons for children (CE children's toys from 3 years) according to their imagination or drawing starts with 350 euros.


You can also have a dragon egg as a voucher, which in itself makes a very magnificent gift.