Sessions one-by-one

All sessions other than BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) are only done in person in my room for individual sessions. My appartment is just opposite to the Dragon Studio in Nr. 59.



Access Consciousness© (questioning, erasing, creating), progressive muscle relaxation, fantasy journeys, creative conflict resolution strategies and mediation, shadow integration, Access Bars©, intuitive Feng Shui, Rebirthing©, Lightarian Reiki© and initiations, energetic cleansing and clearing, Dragon Streaming, deep relaxation and trance induction, holistic consciousness expansion, regression into other lives, Beyond Quantum Healing© and so on...


A session stimulates relaxation, empowerment, spirituality and consciousness, life and conflict counseling in the sense of my book "The Process" (that I am preparing in English), heart opening, raising vibration, awakening and realizing potentials, navigating quantum reality, holistic integration / completion of life issues, uncovering unconscious conflicts and learning to heal oneself, uncovering other lives and one's own galactic history, consciously creating new possibilities, strengthening inner guidance and connection to the inner dragon, soul and Higher Self.

Most effective - most intense

 Of all the methods, Beyond Quantum Healing is the most effective, most comprehensive and most modern method, which I also choose myself again and again for a renewed fine-tuning and therefore also recommend to you especially. It has only been around since 2018 as a dynamic variation of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique. In 2019 I learned it from her long-time assistant Candace Craw-Goldmann.

Why doing a BQH session NOW

How can I support you?

 Maybe you yourself don't know yet what you are looking for here?


You just know there is something?


Congratulations, that's typical for the process! Let's just find out what it's all about in a free preliminary conversation or email exchange. And then together we'll develop a session that's ideally tailored to you.


What our topics could be in detail

  • Life Counseling: Weighing and making life decisions with clarity, breaking endless mental loops, unraveling conflicting ideas. That's a lot of fun for me as a mental trainer and you will soon find the fun in life again. I am a mental coach and experienced special education teacher for learning and behavior.
  • Conflict support: Understand conflicts more deeply and develop solution strategies. Above all, this means understanding unconscious conflicts that arise e.g. B. reflected in psychosomatic symptoms. By completing experiences you can heal yourself. I have described exactly how this works in my book "The Process", but I can also guide you step by step. We could also prepare and carry out mediation and thus resolve the conflict with the other person. I am a trained mediator (creative conflict resolution).
  • Regression into other lives: While you are working on and completing your life issues, you could discover that the cause of your problems lies in another life and can therefore only be clarified there. Then you will uncover your own (galactic?) history and also want to heal its pre-stresses. Or maybe you're just curious about anything else you could find out about yourself.
  • Hypnosis or light trance: You can even solve riddles that are consciously inaccessible to you: For example, missing times, what happened one night, whether you were actually kidnapped by extraterrestrials or whether you are living on earth for the first time. Where you come from, what else you can do, what your highest potential is. I count all of this as self-discovery, self-healing and sovereignty.
  • Deep relaxation: Sometimes it is just important to relax deeply and switch off the mental cinema. I will guide you to progressive muscle relaxation and, if you wish, I will also give you hypnotic affirmations that we have previously developed together. This too is help for self-help. I would never give commands that weren't discussed with you. It goes without saying. You remain in control.
  • Initiation: The further you have progressed on your spiritual path to rediscovering and embodying your Higher Self, the more urgent you will become to accelerate your development and increase your own vibration. Then initiations are the right choice. If you can't do anything with this description, this topic doesn't matter to you, because nn let's just talk about what's going on with you, that's usually enough to continue clearly and powerfully.
  • Accelerate your journey of awakening: Ditto. These are sessions for advanced co-creators, lightworkers, shamans, spirit healers, and other spirituals who have also been involved in conscious creation for a long time and just want to further improve their navigation of quantum reality. As a post-spiritual master of the dragon path, I can contribute something to this if you are clearly led to me.
  • Order a dragon: This often shows that you will find what you are looking for - with me and my powerful art pieces. Then my dragons are real master dragons with the ability to strengthen the connection and guidance of your Highest Self. They empower you constantly and remind you on your own mastery in conscious creating. In a session you can talk to them and ask questions and let them even contribute more to your life. You may meet your dragon for the first time an describe me his outlook and character. We will definitely have fun!


Disclaimer: I provide help for self-help and advise only in spiritual and metaphysical (i.e. non-scientific and non-religious) questions as well as in very practical life issues. This is not psychotherapy. Prerequisite for a session is a psychically stable health and a habitual self-responsible behavior. The individual session invites you to a journey to yourself. I am only a pilot on your journey of discovery, with which you fill even the unknown white spots of your minner map with life.