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    Mariah Snow (Sunday, 12 April 2020 08:34)

    Julianne facilitated a VERY successful Beyond Quantum Healing session for me that still has me in awe. Julianne is warm, engaging and asks very clever questions that brought out interesting information during my session that led me to a perspective I wouldn't have considered. As someone who also facilitates BQH sessions I really resonated with Julianne's hypnosis induction, the imagery is inspirational and heart centered. From my first interaction with Julianne regarding a session I felt her kindness and genuine passion for healing. Thank you Julianne for the gift of such an amazing session. Sat Nam

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    Michael (Tuesday, 10 March 2020 20:57)

    Her assistance and guidance before, during and after the Beyond Quantum Healing Session was wonderful. I felt safe and could travel relaxed through the different lives and had a good talk with my higher self. This helped me to be more confident about my life and my future. I highly recommend her.

    Julianne`s Unterstützung und Begleitung vor, während und nach der Beyond Quantum Heilsession war wunderbar. Ich habe mich sicher gefühlt und konnte entspannt durch die verschiedenen Leben reisen und hatte ein gutes Gespräch mit meinem Höheren Selbst. Dies half mir dabei in meinem Leben selbstbewusster zu sein und in meiner Zukunft. Ich kann Sie sehr empfehlen.

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    Sage (Wednesday, 19 February 2020 03:58)

    My session with Julianne was a wonderful experience! We talked the day before with a video chat and our conversation was like chatting with a close friend. The session was done on Zoom but with audio only which I preferred. I have done past life regressions before with Dr. Brian Weiss, but my session with Julianne was much deeper. I was amazed by how I would think something but be hesitant to say it but she would confirm my thought by what she would say next. I went back through two lifetimes and learned through them the importance of believing in my talents, life purpose clarity, and using my time wisely. It was a great experience and I highly recommend her if you are interested in a session!

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    Ingrid (Thursday, 12 December 2019 09:45)

    Ich hatte die große Ehre bei Julianne eine Sitzung erleben zu dürfen. Das Ergebnis war erstaunlich. Da es sehr privat war, will ich hier nicht weiter darauf eingehen. Aber es hat mir geholfen, verschiedene Dinge in einem anderen und viel größeren Zusammenhang zu sehen. Ich kann die Anwendung des Quantum Healings nur empfehlen. Ich hatte den deutlichen Eindruck, dass Julianne hier ein sehr gutes Gespür und eine natürliche Begabung hat.