Each session unfolds as uniquely as you are

 It is completely unpredictably, but always very touching and encouraging. The scenes presented (e.g. other lives, trips to childhood, visiting other dimensions, your home, etc.) relate exactly to your previously set questions and intentions. You visit past lives or past existences in completely different dimensions, but also important events in this life, traumas and conflicts, unusual encounters, visit to a healing temple or the Akashic library or even return to your first cause - everything is possible!


The scenes, place and times

come as a complete surprise, because your intention alone determines which experiences are selected and later explained by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self wants to support your healing and self-discovery, but it rarely fulfills your expectations exactly. If this were so, you would not need a session, then everything would run consciously and ideally with you long ago!


Hypnotic states are natural

In fact, they occur so often that we spend much of our lives in them. Reading, singing, praying or driving can induce such a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is nothing more than relaxed and focused attention. Any good meditation also leads to this state of relaxation.


The conventional hypnosis

In it, the basic idea is that the instructor helps introduce new suggestive concepts. For example, a common goal of hypnosis is to help the client change habits and behaviors. A traditional hypnotist might say, "You no longer find the idea of smoking cigarettes desirable." Most traditional hypnosis courses focus on commonly accepted clinical, psychological, and therapeutic approaches to behavior change.


I avoid subliminal suggestions

Since the psychological-scientific focus of behavioral change is not the goal of my work, nor do I mentally anchor affirmations (unless specifically requested), my BQH - session is not classical hypnosis. Instead, I accompany the client in the search for answers to their questions and support healing through their own highest, psychic levels.


The session is recorded

I will provide you with the file in MP3 format for download after the BQH session. It is recommended to listen to it again several times. Often new insights emerge during a repetition, which you have previously overlooked. Online sessions take place via Zoom, which also creates an audio file of the actual session for later download. The pre- and post-sessions are of course conducted via video.


After the session


Please stay alone for some time after the online session. Do not make any appointments immediately afterwards. The experience is very deep and you may need to rest. Or you may want to take notes or reflect in depth on what you have experienced.


Does that work for you too?


Of course it does! But maybe you need some practice. It would be helpful if you could still imagine like you did when you were a kid.

This is the Game:


Someone says to you, for example, "There's a boy dressed up in front of your door, it's Shrovetide. What do you think he looks like? What is he dressed as? Describe him to me in more detail....


You can still do that, can't you?



The rest we practice together - learning by doing.


You may now be thinking: Then it's all just pure fantasy!



Well, then at least alone your own imagination. Maybe your whole unconscious is nothing else? Think about your dreams! Even if you start with pure fantasy, after ten minutes at the latest we are on surprising tracks in your unconscious - it's quite simple! You will almost certainly be more than surprised at where this process eventually takes you!



And you can listen to it all again afterwards and decide if there's more to it!



Online you need good internet, Zoom and a video device

  • a good internet connection, it must be video compatible.
  • a computer, tablet or cell phone with a good camera to see you well. 
  • and preferably also a headset. You must be able to hear me well.
  • The Zoom app on your device. It's easy, I'll help you set it up.
  • You'll also need a comfortable place to relax.
  • You should make sure that we remain undisturbed, i.e. turn off the bell, phone, answering machine and cell phone (if not used for that purpose).
  • Provide a glass of water and some sweet and salty snacks for afterward
  • and a few tissues just in case. You might as well cry for joy!
  • A cozy blanket and soft pillows will also help you relax.

Is a telephone session also possible?

In exceptional cases, yes. But I really prefer to to see you clearly. Your body and facial signs are telling and giving me feedback. And you should also be able to hear me well and not be disturbed by ambient noise. You can also dial in a Zoom session via phone in your country.


The BQH session is done and recorded on Zoom


The zoom session is preferable to all other options, even if you live nearby. Because only then you can comfortably lie down afterwards and reflect on the experience for a while.

about healing


Your Higher Self wants to wake you up with illnesses, unexplained symptoms, and recurring problems about your body, simply because it is time for you to wake up and begin your journey within. This is usually preceded by a time when you have not listened to your soul's various clues, ideas, thoughts and feelings. Only then does the wake-up call become physical.


Conversely, once you have established contact with your Higher Self and better understand your circumstances and developments, it is only natural that even spontaneous healings happen naturally, or at least improvements.


You are always healing yourself: Your higher levels of yourself release your health when you listen to them and live in harmony with them.


It is always self-healing that you experience, even if you go to the doctor and take medication. Your body is programmed to heal itself. And it's always about your consciousness as well.


So it is also your own strong immune system that fends off, alleviates or heals all diseases, if this is in accordance with your life task. Sometimes karmic causes come into play, but even these only show themselves physically if you have not already dealt with shadow integration beforehand, as a preventive measure, so to speak.


In the last twenty years another cause of illness was added, your body has to adapt energetically to the changed vibration of the ascending earth. Due to the change in vibration of the earth, only the body that has harmonized with the new vibrations can become healthy and stay healthy. So today is also about upgrading your physical operating system to 5D, which is called ascension, although it is actually descent from still higher levels of yourself into your body.


This is like a construction site. As if the builder of your body had discovered the original plans of your house and is now converting the 3D hut to a 5D villa. Then your symptoms are nothing more than construction noise and clearing out. So the Higher Self in the sessions today also often says that everything is fine and you should be patient, it will pass by itself. Once the new vibrational state is reached, your body will be healthier than ever.


Disclaimer: I provide help for self-help and advise only in spiritual and metaphysical (i.e. non-scientific and non-religious) questions as well as in very practical life issues. This is not psychotherapy. Prerequisite for a session is a psychically stable health and a habitual self-responsible behavior. The individual session invites you to a journey to yourself. I am only a pilot on your journey of discovery, with which you fill even the unknown white spots of your minner map with life.