Origin of BQH

BQH is based on the life's work of Dolores Cannon (1931 - 2014). Originally Dolores started in the sixties of the last century with classical hypnosis sessions, as well as the layman still imagines them today: Smoking cessation and other suggestive programming of the subconscious mind. Over time, the content of the sessions expanded, while the methods remained almost unchanged: Dolores put her clients into a deep trance and asked questions. This was the crucial new thing. Instead of taking egoic ideas of her clients' daytime consciousness and applying them as affirmations, she asked her clients' open-ended questions and together they let themselves be surprised where that led. Dolore's greatest gift was her curiosity, her spirit of inquiry and pioneering. Her longtime assistant, Candace Craw-Goldman, especially wanted to continue Dolores Cannon's pioneering spirit. Candace is where I did my training, online. Her acronym is BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing. Often practitioners have taken both trainings because they also wanted to take the freedom to develop themselves further in this work. You can recognize them by the abbreviations QHHT and BQH.

My training is BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing


I had already accumulated so many tools before, so I decided to be exclusively a BQH Practitioner and not also study other similar methods such as QHHT. Candace Craw-Goldmann is my great role model in this.



Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon was a reincarnation therapist living and working in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, USA. Again and again she came across personalities and incidents from history while working with her clients. In the book THEY WALKED WITH JESUS, she shares how two clients of hers in past lives encountered Jesus during his mission in Palestine.
The content is deeply moving and gives a tangible sense of Jesus' presence and influence, as well as vivid descriptions of his activity, travels, healings and personal conversations. This is material not found in the Bible.
It includes scenes at the Jerusalem temple, home visits and visits to leper settlements, political intrigue leading to the crucifixion, and also the personal feelings of those who encounter him.
This is an insider's view directly during the time of Jesus, deep in shades of emotion and profound in context, giving a sense of how things really were.
THEY WALKED WITH JESUS complements the rich information given in JESUS AND THE ESSENERS, one of Gateway Books' best sellers. Both books give a profound sense of the love energy that was Jesus'. One does not have to be a Christian to recognize and warm to his charisma as a loving, devoted man who worked for awakening and change in difficult times.
Diving into "deep memories," Dolores' research added a new dimension to our understanding of crucial personalities and times in history (such as this one).
The realism of this information is astounding.

Videos with Dolores Cannon


Interview with Lilou Mace about the New Earth. Lilou's channel is also highly recommended, you will find interviews with really all VIPs of the esoteric, spiritual and spiritual-creative scene.


History and originator - Dolores Cannon 1931 - 2014

Dolores career and biography
Dolores Cannon's career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression had spanned nearly 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey to countless fascinating destinations. Because the range of subjects covered by her work and the wealth of original material she has produced puts her in a category of her own, this section gives you an insight into each phase of her career and how it has evolved over the years. Read about her early days in hypnotherapy when she first discovered reincarnation, learn how she developed and refined her own unique method of hypnosis known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), discover all the fascinating research areas she has explored along the way and where her work currently lies.

Part 1: Early life before hypnosis
Dolores Cannon was born in 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where she lived and grew up with her family until graduating in 1947. She married her husband Johnny, a career-minded US Navy man, in 1951, with whom she traveled around the world for the next 21 years on his various overseas assignments. She raised her family as a typical Marine woman throughout the 1950s and 1960s until 1968, when several major events changed the course of her life forever.

Part 2: First encounter with reincarnation
In the 1960s, Dolores and Johnny used simple hypnosis for habits (quitting smoking, losing weight, etc.). Dolores was first introduced to reincarnation in 1968 when she and her husband were asked by one of the doctors at the naval base where he was stationed to assist one of his patients with hypnosis. The woman suffered from a nervous eating disorder, was extremely obese, had high blood pressure and suffered from kidney problems. The doctor thought it would be extremely useful if hypnosis could be used to help the woman simply relax.
In the middle of the session, the woman unexpectedly began describing scenes from a past life in which she was a fledgling living in Chicago in the 1920s. Dolores and Johnny watched as the woman literally transformed into a different personality with different speech patterns and postures. Although it was very strange and totally inexplicable, they decided to follow the course of the session and see what they could find out through exploration. Over the next few months, Dolores and Johnny took the woman through five distinct and distinct stages of life back to the time she was created by God. The full story of this event is told in the first book Dolores ever wrote, Five Lives Remembered (2009).
These sessions took place at a time when past life regression was an almost unheard of concept. There was no New Age movement, metaphysics was decades away, and there simply weren't any books, guides, or resources to use for such a case. This proved to be a blessing, however, as it led Dolores and Johnny to write their own rulebook, develop their own technique without oversight from an established medical body, and meant they were in no way restricted in their approach. Having no one to tell her what to do, how to do it, or what was or wasn't possible, they experimented with insatiable fascination and enthusiasm.
Later that same year, Johnny was nearly killed by a drunk driver in a horrific car accident en route to the naval base. As a result of his injuries and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life as a partial amputee, Dolores and Johnny decided to move to the hills of Arkansas where they thought they could afford to live on a military pension with their four children. During this time, Dolores' research into hypnosis and reincarnation took a back seat as she focused on her husband and children.

Part 3: Full time hypnosis
After her children grew up and left home to start their own lives, Dolores decided to return to consistently practicing hypnosis with clients in the late 1970s. Despite living in a small country town with a very small population, her desire to take on any case has enabled her to successfully acquire a wide variety of clients regardless of the circumstances.
Her early work focused heavily on reincarnation, which introduced her to and became familiar with the concept of time travel. Many of her early clients described past life scenes in which they were in the B.C past decades, past centuries, and even past millennia, in a variety of social settings in different places around the world. She then spent weeks researching the characteristics of life in the places and times her clients had described life in order to verify the authenticity of the findings she recorded. Dolores made sure that the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the language they spoke, the money they used, the job(s) they described, the social norms they followed , the entertainment they engaged in, the religious philosophies they believed in, and the geographical landscape they described were typical of life in "that" particular time. Through this intensive verification process, Dolores ensured the authenticity of her results.
Her early understanding of reincarnation seems rather simplistic compared to how far her work has progressed. However, as Dolores looked back at where she started and how she received the information, she realized that "they" were slowly beginning to lay the groundwork upon which she could understand, communicate, and explain far more sophisticated and complex ideas and concepts that she was in future would receive.

Part 4: (The Subconscious) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis
After conducting sessions with thousands of clients, recording the same results over and over again, and spending considerable time and energy verifying the authenticity of her clients' past lives, Dolores was able to firmly determine that her results were indeed genuine and that they had tapped into an incredibly powerful source of information. As she continued to research, she gradually became aware that the information she was receiving about past lives, different time periods, and a variety of other subjects did not actually come from the consciousness of the clients she was hypnotizing.
As her hypnosis technique developed slowly and with great patience, so did the answers to these questions. After many years of practice and investigation, Dolores finally realized that the past life memories and additional information she received through clients were being provided by a much larger, more powerful, and more knowledgeable part of her clients' selves that was completely unconscious.
She chose to call it the subconscious as it was a part of the mind of absolutely everyone that exists but lies just below the level of our conscious mind and observes. When contacted and communicated with, there is simply no question it cannot answer about an individual's current life or any of their past lives. After many years of developing and refining her technique, replacing time-consuming and tedious induction methods with an approach involving the use of voice, image and visualization, Dolores established her technique of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. This technique allows direct contact and communication with each individual's subconscious to answer questions and can also be the basis for immediate healing.

Part 5: Jesus and the Essenes
Due to the sparse but slowly growing interest in reincarnation in the 1970s and early 1980s, as well as the unwillingness of mainstream book publishers to address this burgeoning field, it took Dolores more than 9 years, after almost a decade of research, writing and the patience to publish her first book. She founded her own publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, in 1992, which now publishes more than 50 authors on four continents. Dolore's books have been translated into more than twenty languages.
As her understanding of reincarnation evolved and her ability to embrace more challenging concepts expanded, Dolores encountered an extraordinary hypnosis client. Dolores was able to bring her back through 25 different lifetimes by jumping backwards in time in 100-year increments. Each personality that the woman displayed in each life was distinctly different from the others, and it was a truly remarkable opportunity for Dolores to explore history and life across different time periods. She wrote two books based on working with this client. The first book was A Soul Remembers Hiroshima (1993), which chronicles the life of a man who describes his experiences as a Japanese in Hiroshima in 1945, when the atomic bomb was dropped on the city during World War II. This shocking account of the dropping of an atomic bomb from the perspective of someone who was there offers a chilling lesson ion about the terrible effects of war and nuclear weapons. The second book was Jesus and the Essenes (1992), which describes the life of a young man who was an Essene teacher of Jesus. Many truths about Jesus himself, his personality, his background, his life and the times in which he lived are revealed in this fascinating account from a teacher who lovingly describes his personal relationship with Jesus. Dolores also published They Walked With Jesus (1994) as a follow-up to this book, which describes the past lives of two women who accompanied Jesus at different periods of his life, providing tremendous insight and detailing who he was as a person , his feelings towards those he met, his visits to homes and leper colonies, his healing methods, his political actions and his crucifixion.

Part 6: Dolore's skills grow
Throughout the development of her career, a recurring theme is Dolores reaching a "comfort zone" in understanding a particular area. A new concept can then be presented to her by the subconscious, often completely challenging her belief system and forcing her to expand her mindset. An example of such an event was when the subconscious produced the idea that time does not really exist as humans identify it. Every moment is NOW. The past, present and future only exist in the NOW. We have been trained to think of time as a linear progression of events based on the earth's rotation around the sun. With this reasoning, we would have a completely different concept of time if we lived on another planet. What "time" would we use if we traveled through space without orbiting the sun. Time is simply the perspective we take. This concept was first introduced in the Keepers of the Garden (1993), a book that explains mankind's extraterrestrial origins and describes a group called "The Council" who have been associated with mankind from the beginning. The book explains how mankind is the only species in history to have invented a way of measuring something that doesn't exist. The expansion of thought came with the assumption that all things, events and life exist simultaneously in the NOW. These concepts are significantly expanded upon in later books, particularly the Convoluted Universe series. The subconscious explains that humanity will never truly reach the stars until we let go of our ingrained concept of time and realize the universal reality that everything exists in the NOW.
Another example of expanding her belief system was her interest-driven exploration of what happens between one life and another. The results of this quest were published in Between Death and Life (1993) and vividly describe what happens at the time of death, where we go after a life, how we look back and analyze our life once it is complete, and what the meaning is of a life was.

Part 7: Nostradamus contacts Dolores
In the early 1980s, Dolores stumbled across an intriguing case in which she was retracing a woman who began describing a life as a disciple of the French prophet Michel De Nostradame, better known as Nostradamus. Nostradamus is famous for writing prophecies that foretell events of great destruction and devastation throughout history. In fact, his skills were incredible, for he predicted the assassination of JFK, the attack of the "flying birds on the city of hollow mountains" (referring to the 9/11 attacks), and the subsequent war in the Middle East, to name but a few to call. In the middle of the session, as the woman was describing life, her personality suddenly waned and Nostradamus himself began speaking directly to Dolores through her. He told her that he wanted her to write a book (which turned out to be 3 books) to allow humanity a greater understanding and clarification of the true meaning of his quatrains (prophecies).
Building on what was discussed in the previous section on the notion of time, it is important to note that one of the fascinating features of Dolores' dialogue with Nostradamus was that he spoke to her directly from his time when he was in the 16th century lived, spoke. It was not his spirit communicating from the spiritual side, but Nostradamus himself communicating with Dolores as he lived his life in France and she lived her life in Arkansas. Nostradamus explained to Dolores that he would never lose touch with her and that he would come through to bot to convey properties, regardless of who their customers were.
He describes being forced by the Inquisition to cloak his messages so they would not be destroyed and later deciphered. As a result of the evolution of the French language, modern interpreters have helped misrepresent many of its true meanings. Nostradamus' intention was to correct these misinterpretations by dictating to Dolores the true meaning of his visions to publish for the world to see. He wanted to warn us so we would understand that we create our future and that it was our choice to simply choose a different path and thus avoid the worst-case scenarios that he had predicted. One of his most powerful and terrifying messages was, "If I told you the worst things your mind is capable of creating, would you do anything to change them?" Nostradamus talks in great detail about how our minds work to to create the reality we experience. Realizing this, it is easy to understand how the constant flood of negative information from global media about politics, education, finance, religion, war, disease, drugs, crime and the environment from the global media leads many people to focus on these scenarios in their lives to focus life (and so create and experience it).
After several years of working with Nostradamus dictating the true, intended meaning of his messages, Dolores published three books in a series entitled Conversations With Nostradamus, detailing the precise meanings of 1000 quatrains and predictions directly from the Prophet himself. Prophecies discussed include the creation of supercomputers, the rise of the internet, unpredictable weather patterns, earth changes and how these changes will affect major countries and cities, war in the middle east, world governments, politics, 2012, contemporaneous time, the antichrist, nuclear weapons, AIDS originating in apes and deliberately spread by world governments, the British monarchy, the post-change state of the world. The change itself, the dissolution of the Soviet Union into several independent states, the Pope, hidden information of great importance to humanity buried somewhere in the Middle East desert, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and visits by extraterrestrial races.

Part 8: UFO's, Aliens and Life on Other Planets
In the mid to late 1980's, Dolore's work slowly began to take her in a whole new direction of research. She was introduced to the field of UFO and ET investigations in 1985 when she attended their first annual meeting for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), one of the largest and most respected UFO investigation organizations in the world. A year later, Dolore's interests took her to the UK, where she conducted field studies of suspected UFO landings and surveyed numerous crop circles in the English countryside. In 1987, at one of the annual MUFON meetings, she was asked to conduct a session with a woman who felt she had had abduction experiences but was unable to recall anything in detail. Up to this point, Dolore's hypnosis technique automatically led her subjects back to a past life. She had to change her approach to keep her from going into a past life to focus on current events. Due to the interest in this woman and Dolores herself, over 30 observers were allowed to attend the session, which was far from a favorable environment for an "experiment". Amazingly, both the departure from their usual approach and the highly unusual setting in which the session took place worked very effectively and yielded some amazing results.
Dolores learned that some people have had experiences with extraterrestrials from an early age and that intergenerational relationships often exist between Earth families and extraterrestrial races. The Little Grays were actually created as some sort of biological robot by another race far more advanced than humanity. This explains why so many people describe the little grays as extremely cold, with almost no emotional expression whatsoever. The races they created are the much larger Grays, with very slender torsos, thin limbs, and large, black eyes. During her adventure in ET and UFO research, Dolores came into contact with numerous extraterrestrial entities that come through her subjects to impart information and understanding. There really is an abundance of life out there in the universe, coming in all forms & forms nd sizes exists.
Her book The Custodians (1998) marked a landmark publication for Dolores after more than 20 years of regressing clients with ET and UFO experiences. We learn that almost all so-called kidnapping cases are actually mutual agreements made before incarnation to help one another. Just as we experience amnesia about who we are and where we are before incarnating on earth, we also experience amnesia about the contracts and agreements we made with others before coming here. The problem that exists today is that the perspective that the majority of humanity has of extraterrestrials has been shaped and manipulated by mainstream media, religious belief systems, and scientific dogma. How few people are truly able to approach this area with an objective, unbiased attitude. Realizing this, it is understandable that so many people approach this subject with fear, resentment, or outright denial. The custodians help to bridge the lack of understanding between the two:
(a) Identifying that mysterious events and experiences are indeed affecting millions of people on every continent on earth.
(b) That these events and experiences will be rejected, denied, and ridiculed by the scientific, governmental, and religious institutions on which so many people depend.
Other books published as a result of Dolores' research into UFO activity and extraterrestrials are Legacy From The Stars (1996), which explores the vastness of our individual beings and our off-planet origins, and The Legend Of Starcrash ( 1994), which describes a life in which a woman is transported back in time to a time when a spaceship crashed in the Alaskan region of Canada thousands of years ago. It is the story of the origin of the Native American races in America.

Part 9: The Complex Universe
After more than 30 years of researching and writing on concepts ranging from life and death, reincarnation, the origins of mankind, UFOs and extraterrestrials, the prophecies of Nostradamus, and a myriad of other subjects, Dolores began to realize that the information, received became too broad and varied to be grouped into one or even more specific areas. Having to adapt to change her entire career, she decided to publish her new work in The Convoluted Universe series. Dolores has currently published 5 volumes and states that these books are for those who want their minds bent like a pretzel.
Topics covered include the power of the human mind, what consciousness really is, the power of our thoughts and intentions, parallel universes, alternate realities, lost civilizations, ancient history, mysteries of the earth (like the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and the Loch Ness Monster), Details on the experiences of people who have returned to life on other planets, beings made entirely of energy, how reality is just a hologram, how we are fragments of diverse souls, living in non-human bodies (as plants, animals and insects) how much help is being given to the earth and humanity as we move through this period of transformation and maturity. Like many people living on Earth now, are voluntary souls who incarnated on Earth at this time to raise the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants.

Part 10: The 3 Waves of Volunteering
Throughout her career, Dolores identified a pattern in many of the clients that she had recognized over the years. While many people reported past lives in all sorts of situations, societies and cultures on Earth in many different time periods, some individuals who visited Dolores described how the life they are currently leading was the first and only life they have ever lived had on earth. When asked where they are from, they simply say the "source" and express deep sadness for why they are here and how much they miss "home". Further sessions with such individuals revealed that incarnations appearing for the first time have actually volunteered to come to Earth at that particular time with the intention of helping humanity raise their vibration in the process of Ascension . Some volunteers have never lived in a physical body before, others have lived as space beings in extraterrestrial civilizations on other planets, and still others have come from other dimensions. As a result of the amnesia we all experience before we enter the earthly dimension, we remember neither our task nor our origin. So these beautiful souls are having an extremely difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world and have an important role to play as they help us all create a new earth.
In The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011), Dolores describes the appeal made to volunteers to help the Earth in the wake of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The first wave of volunteers to come were the 'signposts' and certainly had the most difficult time laying out the route the descendants would follow. The second wave acts as antennae of energy, their job is to simply exist and affect those around them. Third wave volunteers, like many of the children with incredible talents, skills and memories, are literally the gift to the world. They possess the knowledge and wisdom that will help humanity complete the transition and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

Part 11: The journey continues
Dolores Cannon, who departed this world on October 18, 2014, left behind incredible accomplishments in alternative healing, hypnosis, metaphysics and regression, but most impressive was her innate understanding that the most important thing she could do was to share information. To reveal hidden or undiscovered knowledge that is critical to the enlightenment of humanity and our lessons here on Earth. Sharing information and knowledge is the most important thing for Dolores. That is why her books, lectures and the unique QHHT® method of hypnosis continue to amaze, guide and inform so many people around the world. Dolores explored all of these possibilities and more as she took us on a journey through our lives. She wanted fellow travelers to share her journeys into the unknown.


(This text is a  summary copy of this Austrian website) Look for her books - I recommend them all!

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