Past Life Regression


 For more than thirty years, I have naturally remembered other lives whenever I was able to solve the respective problems with the same people in the present life and the relationships were completed. Then we parted ways.



Often the physical symptoms and diseases disappeared automatically. Sometimes I had to get help to remove the energetic remains. At the latest then the way was also free for more physical health.

While I was healing my past...

by completing the experience in this life with the same people, I was also gathering back all my talents that had been lost in the other lives. This is also how I came across my dragon power.


 It took me years and decades, because the collective consciousness was not yet ready. Today, this can happen much faster, the vibration is many times higher and now, conversely, especially those people who still refuse the process have health problems.



 By chance, I discovered that people who simply sat with me and talked animatedly about dreams, interests, and their ideas also remembered their past lives in the course of the conversation, just like that. I didn't need any training from other teachers for this. My life itself was my trainer.


I have been stimulating regressions in private since I awakened with the first wave in 1987. Today I prefer it to happen exclusively in a professional setting, preferably within a BQH session or a mini. Today, when I perceive something privately, I keep this to myself.

In a session this intuitive perception helps me to give you the most effective impulses without disturbing your direction or knowing anything better.


Your process is precious and unique and I try not to disturb it as much as possible. Your intentions and questions alone determine your journey of discovery and of healing to yourself.


Opt for a classic regression (which I do in person only) or leave it open to how your Highest Self directs the BQH session to suit your questions and intentions.

Did you know that your consciousness alone decides which discoveries you allow?

If you come into a session with tunnel vision and a firmly held, materialistic worldview, then you have built a strong castle around yourself that keeps new experiences out as much as possible.


However, there are tricks to lower the drawbridge for you as well: Trust is the key to enter the castle.


Trust yourself and your processes and that your Higher Self takes care.


And then also trust me that I as your neutral pilot will guide you ideally through the impasses and bring you safely back to the here and now. If you are open, we will also find the door to your mysterious unconscious and can go on a treasure hunt together.


Disclaimer: I provide help for self-help and advise only in spiritual and metaphysical (i.e. non-scientific and non-religious) questions as well as in very practical life issues. This is not psychotherapy. Prerequisite for a session is a psychically stable health and a habitual self-responsible behavior. The individual session invites you to a journey to yourself. I am only a pilot on your journey of discovery, with which you fill even the unknown white spots of your minner map with life.