My sessions one-on-one in English - personally or online with zoom - you are welcome

Are you looking for help - to just help yourself become free?


It is my pleasure to help you to know yourself and therefore to heal yourself, become souvereign, and create a better future!


 I offer my sessions in German and English personally in my studio or online via Zoom. Non-binding and free preliminary talks by phone or in person in the dragon studio are welcome. Take the time to really matter.  Just drop by and we'll chat about what you're looking for and if I can help you with it in a one-on-one session (or Zoom). Or chat with me over Zoom.

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Price: one euro per minute

Become authentic, stable and resilient. That's what I call "waking the dragon".


I offer:

Counseling, crisis support and regression into other lives.


Check your memories: do you have gaps in them, were there paranormal events or strange ideas and experiences that you cannot (yet) explain to yourself? Or do you have the feeling that you have incarnated on earth for the first time? So are you a Starseed then? To find out more about this, a BQH session would be for you. More...


My offer is not suitable for offering acute psychological help and cannot replace therapy or medication. Please contact a scientifically trained specialist for this.

I, on the other hand, am a post-spiritual Master of the Dragon Path, a path trodden by the Masters of the East before me.

And of course I have also completed a lot of trainings and studies. Too many to list individually here.


You could also describe my qualification like this:

I have matured through numerous competent training courses and life experiences and coupled with the wisdom of old age, I give you help to help yourself. And guide you in unison with your own Higher Self.

As a mental trainer, I know that everything begins in the mind. And sometimes you have to clean up.


In the preliminary talk we will find out what you are looking for and whether you can still do it on your own. And wether I am the right one to work with.

Sometimes you just plague yourself in endless thought loops until you come to a decision: Then I'm definitely the right contact person to find clarity.

Disclaimer: I provide help for self-help and only advise on spiritual and metaphysical (i.e. non-scientific and non-religious) questions as well as on very practical life issues. This is not psychotherapy. The prerequisite for a session is mentally stable health and the usual self-responsibility. The individual session invites you on a journey to yourself. I'm just a guide on your journey of discovery, with which you yourself fill the white spots on your inner map with life.


You want to dive deeper? Do a Beyond Quantum Healing with me!

A word about Other Lives:

It is not necessary to know or believe in this concept of having had other lives. You might have other lives in parallel timelines or in the eternal now. Past, present, and future are perhaps unfolding simultaneous. The memories we find in a session can also been viewed as genetic ancestors traces or as holographic collective remembrance. It does not matter. It even does not matter, if you believe in an eternal live, in God or in a positive uniting force like the Jedi knights follow.

What matters, IS, that just this piece of your jigsaw puzzle wants to be knowledged, healed and harmonized, when it comes up in a session. Healing your psyche, soul and body is what counts. Maybe you came here to redo what your grand-grand-grand-parent did not so well. And whenever you heal this past, you jump onto a new timeline where this (criminal?) act did never happen. And this in itself creates a happier future timeline. For you and for all of us. More about past lives...

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