Felting: The first beginnings

My first try in felting did not make me proud. As a doll maker with decades of experience this one I did not like. It was my first try and I was not able to do it better.


But as my felting and fantasies accompaigning this lead to some strange and really paranormal experiences,  I was in trouble: Was there magic involved? And more important: Could I have the power to do magic by felting? And did I want to have such a power. 


And so my experimenting with felting intertwined with observing my connected thoughts and feelings  began. My life became adventerous, experimental and fun.


Come with me on this journey of awakening to my true self with my first book of the series!


By the way, I found my doll so ugly that I did not take any photo. What a pity! So this sketch is the only illustration I have. Probably someone else would have been very content when the result would somehow look like a doll. But not for me as a dollmaker. Read what happened with the doll and how she got married.

In my blogposts I will report about spirituality, consciousness, magical felting step-by-step and other topics around my work as felt artist, spiritual teacher, author and book publisher and coach and practitioner of BQH, everything around the "Dragon Path to Mastery" the female artist's way. More to come, stay tuned!

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